Strawberry Macarons with Raspberry cream filling

I thought i would get on the bandwagon and try make my own macarons! I’ve never actually tried a macaron before until i made them and i must say they are pretty good, besides the fact they have no dairy and i can eat them without pain haha. Apparently there are certain conditions to making macarons like the weather, how long you beat the eggs for and how many times you weave everything together. It took me 2 attempts;getting it on the 2nd try, but i swear the first time the weather was really bad and the second time the weather was really good haha. I’m normally pretty bad at desserts because i can’t really try them due to my lactose intolerance but i am pretty sure i did it right. They are a bit unco because i don’t have a piping bag

Strawberry Macarons with Raspberry cream filling



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