Banana Bread

Ever get that feeling of going to a cafe and getting banana bread with coffee lightly toasted with butter.. well i don’t cause i am lactose intolerant lol so i just wanted banana bread. I can across this easy recipe and the family loved it! Banana Bread Ingredients Melted margarine, to grease 1 3/4 cups

Potato Salad

So i haven’t been blogging for a while cause i haven’t had a chance to but from now i’m back to blogging ­čśÇ Holidays are over, uni has started again and im more ceebs than ever lol. But that┬ádoesn’t┬ástop me from cooking ­čśÇ What goes best with any BBQ? POTATO SALAD. i have perfected the

Chocolate Cake

The first day of Summer……. its been such a lazy day because of the really bad weather. Great way to start summer! so anyways heres a recap of my holidays so far: Sleep Eat World of warcraft Wii Watch TV shows On top of that i’ve started my diet which is going well so far..i

Vietnamese Spring rolls

Every time i go to a Vietnamese restaurant, ordering there spring rolls is a must, it just has this different taste to it that i love and especially dipping it into the sauce that comes with tops it. Ive always wanted to know what was in these and what makes them so nice, so i decide to try and